Pay It Forward sparks a chain reaction of kindness and convenience. We are a platform that allows people to exchange favours by sharing the residual energy on their daily commutes. One can earn credits by serving others in their immediate community and later use them to exchange for favours to help them boost efficiency, or to take care of their families in need back at home in the future.

Harnessing the latent capacity of the mobile population, we empower people by increasing mobility and thus accessibility of resources, while building a socially thriving community.



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To harness the latent capacity of the mobile population to make convenience available to all. (did you know how costly concierge and delivery services could be in *many* ways?)



To make random acts of kindness part of everyone's everyday life and bring back the community spirit!


Why should I join?

In addition to helping you save time, money and energy, Pay It Forward is all about building a socially thriving community for everyone to enjoy. We know how precious random acts of kindness are to both the givers and the recipients - and we are here to empower you to spread kindness.

Each week we recognize those who have helped the most people by rewarding their generosity with prizes and vouchers.


Team Leadership



Augustine Luk

Co-FOUNDER / technology development

Medical student interested in global health, medical research, and social entrepreneurship.



Cynthia Lam

Co-FOUNDER / management & PR

Former president of Asian Medical Students’ Association Hong Kong (AMSAHK); advocate for public health and human rights.



Yuki Ip

Programme Director

Human rights advocate who aims to use her medical education to drive social changes and improve living conditions of marginalized groups.


Supported by


We cannot thank our sponsors enough for their generous support for our pilot launch at jcsvIII.

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We are indebted to:

  • Mr Alvin Li for his supportive mentorship;
  • Mr Sebastian Ko for his comprehensive legal advice and mentorship;
  • Mr Yalsin Li for his generous support for our technology development; and
  • Our 16 helpers during Welfare Week for their service in bringing us joy!