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simple and quick to use:

  1. Sign in using your G-mail don't worry, we won't have access to your contacts!
  2. Earn credits by
    • Completing a simple survey
    • Inviting your friends to join
    • Taking a request/posting an offer to help someone out!
  3. Post a request
    • Fill out some simple information to post a request
    • It stays anonymous on "Explore" until someone reaches out to enquire more
  4. Explore opportunities to help/be helped
    • Go to "Explore" to check out requests posted by others - maybe you will just happen to be around to help!
    • Don't forget there are also "offers" made by people who volunteered to help e.g. get you takeaway or coffee as they're heading to exactly where you are!
  5. Contacting that helpful someone
    • All your Pay-It-Forward-related chats will be in one place
    • Not sure about whether or not to take a request/offer? Why not reaching out to enquire first?
  6. Get recognised
    • Every time you've helped someone new, we'll reward you with a heart
    • The more hearts you have, the higher the chance to be rewarded with prizes and vouchers!